‘Frankenweenie’ Rises From the Grave

02 Mar
English: Tim Burton, speaking at ComicCon 2009

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Once upon a time, there was an animator named Tim Burton. Little Tim was quite talented and, so, he was snatched up by the wicked conglomerate known as Disney, who promised him great things.

 Sadly, the iniquitous multinational’s true colors were presently revealed when poor Tim was let go for making a short scary kids’ film called Frankenweenie. All appeared lost, but the story doesn’t end there.

Soon, Tim had become a major force in the cinematic realm, showing himself to be an artist possessing a singular vision — one borne out by many hits and many more millions of dollars in box office grosses. And there was much rejoicing.

Now, Little Tim has come full circle. It seems he and the evil Disney have put their differences aside. Finally reunited after almost 30 years, they now have the technology (and built-in audience) to reimagine Frankenweenie and make it better than it was before — better, »

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