DVD Review – Columbus Circle (2012)

05 Mar


Giovanni Ribisi

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Columbus Circle, 2012.

Directed by George Gallo.

Starring Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Kevin Pollack and Beau Bridges


After living a secluded life for almost two decades, an agrophobic heiress is forced to confront her fears when a tenant in her apartment building is murdered.

All too often in Hollywood, there’s a tendency to write a “twist” movie. The trouble with many of these films is that they suddenly let a lot of the dramatic weight of the film to rest on the power of the twists. As a result, this makes said film a film you can only watch once and enjoy (if the twist is good) or not enjoy much at all (if the twist isn’t). Ideally, as Alfred Hitchcock managed, you want to make a good film that can be appreciated over and over again because it engages on all fronts and »


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