Interview: Willem Dafoe on Becoming Tars Tarkas for ‘John Carter’

05 Mar
Actor Willem Dafoe (Platoon, Spiderman) prepar...

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Anytime an actor like Willem Dafoe signs on to play the villain in a superhero movie or lend his voice to a fish for Pixar, my knee-jerk reaction is that he’s doing it for the paycheck. I mean, how could these roles possibly challenge a man who’s played Jesus and countless other memorable characters from movies like Platoon, American Psycho and Antichrist? I didn’t feel much different when I heard he’d be providing performance capture for a Martian warrior in Disney’s John Carter. Let’s face it, aliens aren’t always depicted as the most complex creatures in film. But Dafoe’s character, Tars Tarkas, is an entirely different breed, he’s a character audiences will identify with just as much as any of the film’s human characters, perhaps more so in some cases. “It’s pretty clear that because of how he looks and how he functions at the beginning, you think he’s going to be a bad guy. »


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