‘Mass Effect 3’: FemShep’s new mission? ‘Take Back Earth’ — Exclusive Trailer

05 Mar
Commander Shepard (default male version)

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Tomorrow’s release of Mass Effect 3 isn’t just one of the videogame events of the year. It’s one of the pop-culture events of the year. And last week, fans of BioWare’s deeply immersive action role-playing space opera got a tantalizing early glimpse at what’s in store. In a cinematic three and a half minute trailer called “Take Back Earth,” we saw the Reapers, that ancient machine race that periodically awakens to destroy all organic life in the galaxy, finally make their conquest of Earth. That is, at least until that stubbly interstellar savior, Commander Shepard, returned »


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3 responses to “‘Mass Effect 3’: FemShep’s new mission? ‘Take Back Earth’ — Exclusive Trailer

  1. mass effect 3 pre order

    March 27, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    The first thing that really annoyed me was that I played through every mission/side quest and got most (but admittedly not all) of the war assets from the various worlds using the planet scanner (this also got tedious at times but was nowhere as bad as the scanning in ME2). The way I understand the galactic readiness rating (GRT) is as follows: it is basically a multiplier that takes your raw military strength and is used to produce an effective military strength (EMS). If you spend more time in the multiplayer (which I did not) you can, in principle, spend less time on side quests and vice-versa. Good idea, I thought, as it gives players some leeway on how to proceed.

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