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The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Tuesday

This Tuesday on TV: One Life to Live‘s top cop arrives at General Hospital, Fashion Star opens up its runway, prostitute problems plague Justified and Southland, and more. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

3 pm General Hospital (ABC) | Michael Easton brings his One Life to Live crime solver, John McBain, to Port Charles (yet sadly sans Natalie).

Exclusive: General Hospital Puts Oltl Vet

Roger Howarth on Contract

8 pm 90210 (The CW) | Adrianna and Dixon land a spot in a music festival, where Train performs and a record executive (guest star La Toya Jackson) offers Dixon a recording contract »


– Alyse Whitney


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‘The Prudish United States Went Nuts’

Publicity photo of the cast of the television ...

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One of the stories to emerge from the production of This Means War has been the loose-tongued verbal agility of one of its stars, Chelsea Handler, and the headaches this has been causing for the American censors. Is this true, or just one of those hype-builders people use to build attention around an average film?

Director McG – known for his high-octane, kaleidescopically colourful romps such as Charlie’s Angels and TV’s Supernatural – assures me Handler is indeed proving an obstacle:

“We’re still not there,” he laughs, commendably cool for someone with millions of audience dollars hanging over his head.

“Chelsea’s so filthy with her vernacular. Every day we’d be ready with the page, ready to take advantage of her singular brilliance , and I’d tell her what the scene was about, and the two of us would have a ball doing it…

“Her worst line, I think, was: ‘Well you need a better excuse, »


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Bianca Romero head of IEEP

Bianca Romero head of Imagine Entertainment Editing has called upon Mahtab Entertainment’s Solmaz Niki-Kermani as a creative producer for an upcoming project from Rede Globo in Brazil. The film is titled Running Star about a young girls adventure the rainforest.

Romero has a strong relationship with Rede Globo and served as a creative producer before she made her move to Hollywood. She was responsible for cross cultural TV development which imported Portuguese documentaries into Brazil. 


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